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Assurance can keep you cool during the hot days

Air conditioning Service & Maintenance

Making sure your Air Conditioner receive maintenance every year ensure they are running as safely and efficiently as possible, and prevent small issues from becoming larger, costly issues. Book a preventative maintenance appointment to make sure that your Air Conditioner is working correctly, and doesn't have any issues. Annual inspections/tune-ups can identify small problems before they become big, costly problems. Be sure to change your air filter regularly, as this can lead to freezing up of the unit, and be sure to remove the cover from the outdoor part of the Air Conditioner before use.

  • Our technicians are highly trained

  • We service all makes and models 

  • We perform diagnostic and safety checks on all equipment

  • We perform annual maintenance on all equipment

  • We check your thermostat, evaporator and condenser coils, all electrical components, and refrigerant levels

air conditioning installation

Is your Air Conditioner struggling to cool your home? Do you need a brand new installation or a replacement? Either way, Assurance has you covered. Give us a call to have an expert come out and give you a hassle-free quote.

  • We have affordable system installations

  • We install many different sizes of Air Conditioners

  • Dependable warranties, up to 10 years

  • Reliable Lennox and Luxaire products

  • Free quotes, no commitments 

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